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Kansas City's Filipino Martial Arts HQ



Martial arts training gives you the tools you need to reach your goals. At Kindred Protective Arts, our inclusive environment supports each student's individualized personal growth.  We emphasize safety, self-control, focus, fitness, and leadership.

We are Kansas City's only full-time Filipino Martial Arts school teaching kids and adults in a traditional martial arts format.


We offer Presas Arnis (arnis/escrima/kali/eskrima) for ages 4 and up

Presas Arnis Teens/Adults Class


Martial Arts for Everyone Aged 15+

Our Presas Arnis class for teens and adults is for everyone, regardless of fitness level, athleticism, or prior martial arts experience.

We emphasize personal safety, self defense, versatility, empowerment, and having a great time as you train.

Our martial art system is much more than a rank progression with a single goal - it's a life-long endeavor.

Presas Arnis Kids/Family Class


Self Confidence & Success for Kids & Families

Presas Arnis (also known as escrima or kali) is fun and practical for all!  Our martial art style is taught in gym classes in public schools in the Philippines.

Our Kids/Family class is kid-friendly and safe, with content that's challenging for adults, too.  If you want a fun and engaging martial arts class for your child or for your entire family, this program is a perfect fit for you.

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Fundamental Martial Arts for Ages 4-8

Our Arnis de Mano program focuses on martial arts skill building for young children. We teach primarily empty-hand techniques, emphasizing personal safety and self-control.


Arnis de Mano builds the habits of discipline, cooperation, and confidence. 

Arnis de Mano students acquire valuable skills to succeed in school, in sports, and to participate in our Kids/Family Presas Arnis class when they are ready.

Force Necessary/Pacific Archipelago Concepts


Practical and Essential Self Defense

Force Necessary is a martial system, not a martial art.

The focus is on a simplified self defense system that's easy to learn and perfect.  This class will get you into the right mindset and give you the right skills to fill out your personal safety strategy.

If your goal is to get serious about self protection, Force Necessary/PAC is for you.


From KPA Members

My father introduced martial arts to us at an early age. He wanted us to learn a discipline that will help us be confident, focused, and especially mindful of our actions. After years of not training, I wanted to share the value of martial arts to my kids so we decided to join the family class. Kevin and Jackie have been great teachers and mentors not only to my kids but also to our family in this gym they treat you like family “ Kapamilya “  !  They both teach FMA with a great passion of the art but also the culture. If you are looking for a place to start entering and be a better person, this is the place to be. We are so happy that we found this place for us to grow and make FMA a way of life !  Maraming Salamat mga Guro!

Shem Y.


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