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A Traditional Martial Art From the Philippines

Known as Arnis, Escrima / Eskrima, or Kali, the Filipino Martial Arts are most famous for using tools - especially rattan sticks - in training. 

Our style, Presas Arnis, is a blend of two major FMA styles, Modern Arnis and Kombatan.

Our safety-first approach allows our students to comfortably and confidently defend themselves in any situation.

Our optional weapons program covers in-depth study of additional tools (primarily 5 foot staff and tabak-toyok - aka "nunchaku"), firmly grounded Presas Arnis concepts.

We are Kansas City's only martial arts school offering arnis / escrima / kali / eskrima  as our primary style in a traditional martial arts format.

Our Presas Arnis program is designed for students aged 8 and up. 

Presas Arnis Training at Kindred Protective Arts
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The word "kindred" is another term for the word "family".  That's how we think of our students and our school.

We started in 2018 as the Kansas City Presas Arnis Meetup, teaching only teens and adults. Over the years, we grew large enough to move to a traditional brick-and-mortar martial arts school in 2021, allowing us to establish our kids/family classes.

Training with KPA means our students are in a safe, inclusive environment with people committed to helping each person grow and achieve their goals.

Everyone belongs at KPA.

Class Schedule at Kindred Protective Arts


Guro Jackie Bradbury of Kindred Protective Arts



Dayang Tatlo (3rd Degree Black Belt) in Presas Arnis from Mark Lynn at Hidden Sword Martial Arts


Dayang Dalawa (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Modern Arnis from GM Bruce Chiu of Arnis International

Dayang Dalawa (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Presas Arnis from Datu Tim Hartman of the World Modern Arnis Alliance

1st Degree Black Belt in Kobudo from Sensei Mike Proctor and Sensei Keith Yates at the American Karate Taekwondo Organization (AKATO)

Jackie also writes The Stick Chick Blog at

Guro Kevin Bradbury of Kindred Protective Arts



4th Degree Black Belt in Pacific Archipelago Concepts from Hock Hochheim

Level 10 Instructor in Force Necessary: Knife from Hock Hochheim

Force Necessary/PAC-FMA Certified Instructor

Lakan Tatlo (3rd Degree Black Belt) in Presas Arnis from Mark Lynn at Hidden Sword Martial Arts

1st Degree Black Belt, Goju-Shorei Weapons System from Keith Freeman

Master in MiraRada Escrima from Grand Master Art Miraflor

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