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Virtual Arnis Training


Arnis / Escrima / Kali Near You

(no matter where you are)

Sometimes you can't find an instructor or training group teaching the Filipino Martial Arts near you, especially in the Midwest or in rural areas.

Perhaps your schedule makes it difficult to train in a group class.

Maybe you're specifically looking for the Presas Family lineage of Filipino Martial Arts (Modern Arnis, Kombatan, or related styles) and there aren't any instructors in your area.

Our program is designed for people who can commit to training at least once a week via virtual instruction, and one longer in-person session - quarterly or monthly - training in with us in person in KCMO.

Active, Not Passive

Are you finding online instruction short in personalized instructor feedback, or lacking actual in-person live instruction to get that testing of your skills that only training directly with instructors and fellow students provides?

Our program is far more than watching an online video or Zoom recording - we train with you, on YOUR goals, and we provide feedback - LIVE.

This is a traditional martial arts program, tailored for you, delivered in an innovative format, combining the convenience of online instruction with the direct feedback and live training that actually learning a martial art - especially a drill-driven art like Arnis/Escrima/Kali - requires.

Learning a martial arts technique virtually

Only Learn Arnis / Escrima / Kali

(no need for karate, taekwondo, kenpo, kung fu, etc.)

You might find Filipino Martial Arts classes in your area, but to join them, you're required to train in some other martial arts style (or even achieve high rank in that other style) before you're allowed into the Arnis class.

In the Kindred Protective Arts virtual training program, we teach one thing: Presas Arnis.  There's no wading through a lot of other content to get to the "stick stuff". 

The content follows the same curriculum we teach in our in-person classes, moving at your individual pace, and rank requirements are identical to what we ask of students training in our traditional program.

Learn More

Book a free virtual program consultation, or try a trial class virtually or at our Gladstone HQ.


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