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Arnis/Escrima/Kali at Kindred Protective Arts

Self defense, confidence, empowerment and FUN!

Martial Arts for Everyone

Presas Arnis is fun and easy to learn for everyone, and is accessible for people of all fitness levels and experience. Whether you train solo, or with family members, you can succeed in Presas Arnis.


Keeping the flame of the Filipino Martial Arts alive

At Kindred Protective Arts, we teach Presas Arnis as our primary  martial arts system. The Filipino Martial Arts are front-and-center of everything we do, and we are one of the few traditional martial arts schools in North America with this emphasis.  


A Place Where YOU Belong

Kindred Protective Arts prides itself as being a school where each student is recognized for their individual achievements and talents, as well as being a valued member of our community.  Our students come from all sorts of backgrounds, physical abilities, and cultures.

Training Double Sinawali at KPA

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