45 years went into collecting the extensive curriculum of Hock Hochheim's Pacific Archipelago Concepts (PAC).  While there is heavy influence from the Filipino martial arts, there are also elements of Silat, Karate, and Kajukembo.  Hock has stripped out the dogma, identified the common threads, and created a hand, stick, and knife system that is logical and complete. 

Hock and his long-time student, Guro Mark Lynn, were once labeled by Kombatan Grandmaster Ernesto Presas as "freelancers" because they studied any and every Filipino system they had the opportunity to.  With a combined decade plus training under these two great martial artists, I gladly adopt the "freelancer" label of my mentors. 

I've had exposure to more than a half dozen Filipino styles and I appreciate and respect them.  I believe preserving those traditional styles is important and continue to seek training in them.  But, I also believe it is important to preserve the PAC mentality which seeks to collect and distill the best of the best concepts, drills, and techniques to be found in those traditional systems.  PAC frees the practitioner from the dogma, feuds, and esoteric rational so they can learn faster and make the connections sooner.

- Kevin Bradbury


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